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          We make every effort to provide all necessary information here on our website with pages for Players, Coaches, Volunteers and Sponsors.   

Our Frequent Questions section covers a lot of common questions.  Registered users of this site will receive necessary updates via email as information becomes available.  We also make announcements on our Facebook page, which shows up on our homepage for those who do not have a social media account.    

Please be patient for information to be announced leading up to the season.  On the chance you're not finding the information you're looking for here, please direct your question to your coach first.  If the coach cannot get you an answer, they will reach out to the corresponding Division Manager/Board Member.  Please direct all other questions to [email protected].    

*Registration details will be posted on our website
and on our social media pages as that information becomes available.

About Us

Established in Missoula, MT in the 1970's, Westside Little League merged with Mount Jumbo Little League in 2021 to better support the needs of both leagues and continue to provide an affordable opportunity for boys and girls to learn the sport of baseball with proper guidance and leadership. 

Our Mission:  We believe youth baseball teaches life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities. Through participation in Montana District 2 Little League baseball, we will help build the character, citizenship and health of our children, families, neighborhoods and communities.  Our goal is to teach players the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and respect.  Through team participation, players can experience camaraderie and form positive friendships.  It is our commitment to provide the tools, resources, support, and opportunities for our teams to achieve this mission.

We have teams in these skill and age divisions: T-ball, Farm/Rookie (coach pitch), Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior.  Read about our Player Divisions HERE.

Our Philosophy:
  • Little League is a recreational youth sports program to be enjoyed by all players in the program.
  • Each child who wishes to play ball should be entitled to do so regardless of skill, gender, or financial circumstances.
  • Through involvement in Little League, the player will have the opportunity to develop the fundamental skills of the game of baseball, learn sportsmanship, socialize with their peers, develop leadership qualities and actively participate as a valuable team member.
  • Team achievement, in contrast to individual achievement, must ensure that personal identity and integrity are not sacrificed for winning.
  • Praise and recognition are the most effective tools in inspiring an attitude of self-confidence which is key to development of the character of the individual.
  • Good sportsmanship and courtesy are necessary for a harmonious and safe environment.
  • The league personnel, parents, and all participants share the responsibility of making Little League a safe and wholesome activity.
  • All players should leave the field feeling that their presence mattered, even if part of that time was spent on the bench.
  • The competitiveness of the game increases as the player advances in Little League, from Tee-Ball, with the least competitiveness, to Senior League Baseball where the competitive drive is at a very high level. At no time in the program should an individual's self-esteem be sacrificed for a competitive advantage.
 Mount Jumbo Westside Little League Inc.
is a 501(c)(3) organization
Tax ID # 23-7345361
Little League ID# 4260212

Mailing Address:
2120 S Reserve St PMB 341 
Missoula, Montana 59801

 Phone:   406-721-9378

Email: [email protected]
  View League Safety Plan:
 Our annual budget is available upon emailed request.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is made up of volunteers dedicated to managing our program operations and maintaining our facilities and grounds.

  • President:  Jessi Bracey 
  • Vice President: BJ Ihde
  • Secretary: Jacque Currie
  • Treasurer:  Joy Mogensen
  • Umpire In Chief: Chris Nelsen
  • Safety Officer: Erica Ihde
  • Equipment Manager: Nick Howard
  • Information Officer:  Heidi May

  • T-Ball Player Agent: Jill Stepman
  • Farm/Rookie Player Agent: Greg Pizzolato
  • Minors Player Agent: Zach Weidenaar
  • Majors Player Agent:  Zach Bracey
  • Intermediate/Jr/Sr Player Agent: Robert Marsden

  • Concession Manager:  Sue Lowery
  • Sponsorship Coordinator:  Jacque Currie
  • Field Project Coordinator:  Robert Marsden
  • Big Sky Park Representative: Greg Pizzolato
  • Team Parent Trainer: TBD
  • General Members: Paul Wilson
  • Grounds Crew Chief:  Wayne Silvas
  • Honorary Baseball Historian:  Jeremy Watterson
We welcome new and returning committee members to help us with specific projects. See more information at Support Us/Volunteers.
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